[Gtkradiant] ZeroRadiant and locale

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 13:01:12 CST 2010

People from Holland, Italy, and Germany have been following my Linux/Radiant
tutorial here: http://daffy.nerius.com/radiant/ .
They are reporting severe problems when their locale is set to something
specific to their country/language.
I am currently working on reproducing these problems, but I think maybe it
may be necessary to set the
locale in Radiant's code using the setlocale() call (I'm not even sure if
that's Windows compatible).
I think maybe setting LC_NUMERIC=C or even LC_ALL=C would solve the issues.
I'm going to
test these bugs out by reproducing them and then I will test the fix by
setting LC_NUMERIC and/or LC_ALL in the
environment that launches Radiant.

Who controls the Radiant SVN trunk, if anyone?  Is Radiant used anymore by
hobby mappers?  By id Software internally?
Which version of Radiant is used?  The one in SVN trunk?  Is there any other
version that is more supported and working better and is recommended?
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