[Gtkradiant] More patches (windows, crashes)

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Sat Jan 2 09:45:20 CST 2010

Markus Fischer wrote:
> Hi Timothee,
> On 01.01.2010 19:18, Timothee Besset wrote:
>> I don't know if I want to see those plugins enabled for windows only.
> I think there's a miss understanding: I only enabled them for Windows
> were they weren't before; Linux had and still has them all enabled, I
> didn't touch that.

Sorry about the misunderstanding. You are correct, those are compiled on
Linux already.

>> For the most part they are not enabled because we haven't bothered with
>> them for QL work; it should be quite easy to add support for scons
>> platforms as well, and I'd rather apply whole patches.
>> I am not sure why you are enabling hydratoolz and vfswad .. those may be
>> interesting for historical purposes, the HL1 support was pretty much
>> stillborn so I'd rather avoid cluttering the compile with irrelevant stuff.
> As I said, I synced the "features" of the Windows and Linux builds.
> Linux had out of the box working of all plug-ins, Windows not so.
>> The other plugins may be a really good thing to re-enable though, I'm
>> looking forward to apply a more consistent patch for them.
> I'm not sure what you're asking here .. I can concatenate the patches in
> a single one, do you mean that?
> I'm always linking to github because it's easy to share them they, pull
> for others, etc. In theory, I guess.

Apart from the textool code fix which I checked in, none of the patches
applied cleanly.

I should probably try on Windows as well but I don't have a box readily
available for that purpose at home. It looks to me that those patches
have something wrong in their formatting, and GNU patch tools have
difficulties with them.

A patch generated using the SVN tools should work a lot better. I don't
have a problem giving you write access to the SVN tree either, if you
are going to continue submitting patches that'll save a lot of time, so
we should get that setup.


PS: I will need to dig up in our internal sources to see what
modifications we have made internally that may need to be applied to the
public tree. Within the next few months I'd like us to have a look at QL
mapping support in GtkR as well.

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