[Gtkradiant] Horrific save error in Zeroradiant

j michaelson jmichaelson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 00:40:32 CST 2010


I'm running Zeroradiant on ubuntu 8.04 and I've just discovered a
problem with saving .map files. I've been working on a big map and I
saved it at regular intervals, but I neglected to put .map on the end
of the filenames. Today I tried loading up my latest save and nothing
happened. I opened the file up with a text editor and it was an empty
file. Every single one of my saves was an empty file.

I made sure this was the problem by opening up zeroradiant, creating a
brush and saving it as brush and brush.map. Sure enough the file
called brush was empty and the file called brush.map was a working map

This is a terrible bug. I've lost hours of work and there is no good
reason why zeroradiant should have done this.

Please fix this.

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