[Gtkradiant] compiling q3map2 on ubuntu 9.04 64bit

hyp3r focus hyp3rfocus at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 29 05:43:14 CDT 2009


I've tried finding the answer for this on various forums, but I've had no
luck so I'm posting here. I've got the latest svn code for gtkradiant and
I'm trying to build a 64bit version of q3map2, but it just doesn't seem
possible. Everything I try results in q3map2.x86, the build system doesn't
detect the fact my system is 64bit and I've been unable to find any scons
options that specify 64bit.

Is it the case that there is no way to build a 64bit q3map2, or am i missing

Thanks for your time.
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