[Gtkradiant] Crash fix patches for trunk

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Thu Dec 31 12:43:34 CST 2009


On 31.12.2009 18:39, Timothee Besset wrote:
>> [Linux] Fix attempt: models with upper case letters in the path are not
>> shown, reported by Rambetter.
>> http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant/commit/4ae38a57e61bda27e99d75001400892931c28c62.diff
> I don't know about this. The fix is simple enough, but a much better
> policy is to *never* use uppercase for any reason whatsoever when
> working with idtech3 on non windows operating systems.

Yes, I thought so, that could break too much if there's a subtle bug in
it. I must say that most of I time I also double check with 1.5, it's
good that there are different code bases basically having the same goal;
that way I also found the IncRef crash in the model plugin :-) What I
wanted to say, I made the behavior with the file path respecting their
case in line with what I saw in 1.5, which already preserves them and
thus works.

Thanks for applying the rest!

- Markus

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