[Gtkradiant] Crash fix patches for trunk

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 12:21:16 CST 2009

>> [Linux] Fix attempt: models with upper case letters in the path are not
>> shown, reported by Rambetter.
>> http://github.com/mfn/GtkRadiant/commit/4ae38a57e61bda27e99d75001400892931c28c62.diff
> I don't know about this. The fix is simple enough, but a much better
> policy is to *never* use uppercase for any reason whatsoever when
> working with idtech3 on non windows operating systems.
> Windows filesystem, for which the game engine, level editor and map
> compiling tools were primarily developed is case insensitive (although
> case "aware"). When files are packed into zip (pk3) files it just so
> happens that the file search is case insensitive as well on non-windows
> operating systems.
> Still if you try to work with an expanded assets tree for day to day
> level design and game production work with tech3 and GtkRadiant on a non
> windows operating system, you will risk many subtle problems if you have
> files and paths with uppercase letters.
> This fix is really only the tip of the iceberg and I'd rather not go
> there at all. Our policy at id is to refuse checkins to baseq3/ if some
> files have uppercase letters (which can be easily enforced with a commit
> hook script in subversion).

Well that kinda sucks.  Even though I ALWAYS use lowercase letters in
all resource names that I make myself, some third-party resources such
as models (and image paths they point to) use uppercase letters.

I am solely using Linux for all my mapping.  I did test Markus' patch
for this bug, and I created a helloworld map with a model which has
uppercase letters in its path.  I did everything up to compiling the
map and generating the PK3.  It all worked fine, loaded just fine in
Urban Terror.  You may want to reconsider checking this in.

What other tools/functions are broken when you use uppercase letters
in resource names?  I'm kind of curious.

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