[Gtkradiant] Suggestion: file filter (*.map) in Load/Save/Import for Radiant 1.6

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 15:05:34 CST 2009

Let me describe my problem first.

When using ZeroRadiant 1.6 (which by the way I really really like and
use a whole lot), I tend to do the operations Load, Import, and Save
all the time.  I tend to create my large IcyJumps maps out of little
pieces, and I work on these little pieces by opening the corresponding
map files.  I then import the small map files into the main map file.

So I need to open the Import and Load file dialogs a lot, and need to
find the correct file.  Well, my maps folder is littered with hundreds
of files with extensions .map, .bsp, .bak, .prt, .srf, .TGA, and so
on.  The file chooser dialog that comes up only displays about 10
files, so I tend to drag it up to the top of my desktop and then make
it really big (tall) by dragging the bottom edge of the dialog down to
the bottom of my desktop.  This constant dragging and resizing of the
file dialog takes a lot of time for me.  Also, I need to sift through
all of the non-.map files to find the file I need, which takes a lot
of time.  I do this very frequently.

It would be *really nice* if there were a file filter so that I could
optionally display only .map files in my file chooser dialog for the
Load, Import, and Save operations (and any other operations that I
can't think of right away).

Also, this would be nice, but it's probably too cumbersome to
implement (and it's not nearly as important as the file filter): make
the file dialog taller by overriding the size of the dialog, or
persist in the user preferences (or at least in memory) the size of
the dialog when the user resizes and positions it, so that the next
time it opens it's the same size and at the same location.

Would someone be willing to write a patch for the file filter?  I'd
like to know, and if nobody is willing to do it, I'm willing to try to
make this patch.  However, I have little experience coding in C, let
alone Gtk.  I do have tons of programming experience, but in other
languages and GUI toolkits.  Perhaps you can tell me if this is a good
idea in the first place (to make the file filter that is).

- Rambetter

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