[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant doesn't load entities.def

jonas.th at web.de jonas.th at web.de
Sun Nov 2 06:43:42 CST 2008

> Make sure that quake3 folder contains a folder named baseq3, with the scripts folder inside baseq3.

I now moved everything from /home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3 to /home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3/baseq3 and, as it then failed to load anything about textures, also changed
in the q3.game file to
This results in the same behaviour: textures, shaders etc are all loaded, but no entities. (the entities.def copies are by now inside new baseq3/ and baseq3/scripts)

> > Original message:
> > I am trying to setup a quake 3 arena mapping environment with GtkRadiant 1.5 on Linux x86 without actually having quake 3 (I am using the files shipped with the downloadable GtkRadiant 1.5 source package). Textures and stuff work fine, but GtkRadiant doesn't load the entities.def file (no error message or anything in the console window).
> > My q3.game file is located at games/q3.game relative to the executable dir and contains:
> > 
> > <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
> > <game
> >   name="Quake III Arena"
> >   enginepath_linux="/home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3"
> >   basegame="/home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3"
> >   basegamename="Quake III Arena"
> >   knowngame="missionpack"
> >   shaderpath="scripts"
> >   archivetypes="pk3"
> >   texturetypes="tga png jpg"
> >   modeltypes="md3 obj 3ds"
> >   maptypes="mapq3"
> >   shaders="quake3"
> >   entityclass="quake3"
> >   entityclasstype="def"
> >   entities="quake3"
> >   brushtypes="quake3"
> >   patchtypes="quake3"
> >   gametools="/home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/"
> >   gamename="quake3"
> > />
> > 
> > The directory /home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3/ is the baseq3 dir and contains the scripts-folder, texture folder etc etc and one copy of entities.def is directly in this "baseq3" dir, another one is in the subdir "scripts" between all those shader files at /home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3/scripts/entities.def
> > However, GtkRadiant doesn't care about any of those two copies and doesn't load the file. I can open up the pseudo-Q3 mapping environment without any error messages and it shows all textures out of /home/jonas/d/GtkRadiant/install/games/quake3/textures and everything, it's just the entities not being loaded.
> > Sadly, also google didn't enlighten me. Can you help?
> > Thank you very much

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