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Tue Apr 22 13:04:02 CDT 2008

brush primitives mode simply is not implemented yet. E.g.
surfaceplugin.cpp never queries g_qeglobals.m_bBrushPrimitMode at all.

FakeTexCoordsToTexMat( m_shift, m_rotate, m_scale, local_bp.coords );
can be used for converting... but I don't really know about these
internals. I just want brush primitives mode to work again... and be it
by going to the old non-plugin based surface dialog.

Is there really no way to switch back to it, can maybe the old
surfacedialog.cpp code that worked just fine be turned into a plugin?
The code is still there, all I need to know is the code the functions
had before they called stuff from g_SurfaceTable... but svn won't tell
me any past history of that code.

Rudolf Polzer

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