[Gtkradiant] Proposal for better patch mesh system

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Tue Apr 29 19:02:39 CDT 2008

Nerius Landys wrote:
> See attachment, a text file.  I didn't want to copy and paste it.

I'm not sure I really see the advantage of cubic bsplines vs quadratic bsplines in the context of level design, both have a fixed distribution of constrained and unconstrained control points, cubic 
bsplines simply have better handling of circles - but are much harder to do collision detection against (id tech 3 has dedicated code to collide with 3x3 bspline patches, I'm not sure it could be 
adapted to cubic).

I see some advantage to a different patchDef version that uses an order corresponding to the number of points supplied (meaning any patch of 3x3 or larger), since the math for this is not overly 
complex (I have sample code for it in a comment in my curves.c in DarkPlaces engine), but again I do not know if the id tech 3 collision code could be adapted, so it might only be usable in DarkPlaces 
and thus of less significance to some.

Regardless, a new patchDef type would have to be added to both .map and .bsp formats.

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