[Gtkradiant] gtkradiant 1.5 / quake4

namespace spam at codecreator.net
Mon Apr 21 11:31:55 CDT 2008

> I have downloaded gtkradiant-1.5.0-2004-12-05.i386.rpm
This package contains an unstable beta-release and is outdated. There are no 
binary packages of the release-version of gtkradiant 1.5 for linux.

See the frontpage:
There are no precompiled radiant-packages! Its impossible to provide tested 
packages for the many linux distributions. If you want gtkradiant as a 
rpm/dep/ebuild-package, tell your package-maintainers! If you can't wait for 
that, you have to compile GtkRadiant from SVN. A more detailed guide can be 
found here:

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