[Gtkradiant] gtkradiant 1.5 / quake4

Mauricio Villamil mvillamil at aib.ac.uk
Thu Apr 17 10:26:35 CDT 2008

I wander if you could help me to clarify a few things about radiant.

First of all to sumarise and to put it quite bluntly, gtkradiant has been announced as to be able to support (compile,open,edit) quake4 maps in LINUX, yet I have not found yet the first person to achieve this,all across forums people are struggling to get this to work (me too) but there is any point?? does it really works on Linux ??

I have installed Quake4 in Linux (Fedora 6), and also gtkRadiant 1.5 (in linux) . I want to set this up for my students to do some game levels / map creation.

The thing is gtkRadiant only seems able to load/edit quake3 maps, my first question is (and remember I am in Linux) can I get gtkRadiant to load up and compile create (export) quake4 maps ??????????????????

It may not do it right now, but then is it ithere a way to get it to work ???????????????????????????

I have also installed quake3 (linux) and gtkradiant can very well do its stuff, but obviously I would like to use quake4 engine.........?

I read a while back that quake4 can load up quake3 maps / mods, if thwe nescesary editing of files is done / configured, could you explain how to do that ??????????????????????????????????????

Well that is all..... I appreciate any clues you can give me. 

Cheers !!

Mauricio Villamil
Technician Demonstrator -Linux studio-
Arts Institute at Bournemouth

MA Digital Effects
BA(Hons)Computer Visualization & Animation
BA(Hons)Fine Art -Painting-


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