[Gtkradiant] Missing common.shader for UrTPack

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 21:37:27 CDT 2008

First, let me say I'm sorry for my previous rants.  I am really new to all
of this and I really don't have a clue what is going on.

I'm attaching a file 'common.shader' to this email that is used by mappers
making maps for UrbanTerror.  I got this file from a person named
BladeKiller.  I believe that it should be added to the UrTPack.  Without it
I cannot make maps for UrbanTerror.

nlandys at sylvester:~$ cd ZeroRadiant/
nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ find . -name shaderlist.txt
nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ find . -name common.shader
nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$
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