[Gtkradiant] Docs for 1.6

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 15:49:17 CDT 2008

I successfully compiled and installed 1.6 on my Linux machine, and it seems
to run very well.  It's quite a tool, I'm impressed.  Well, there were a
couple of bugs - one with the texture menu (not all textures can be seen in
the menu because there are too many) and another with the texture window
scrolling away from a texture that I have selected when I select a face of a
brush in the 3d window.  These could very well be bugs in GTK.

Where can I get documentation on how to effectively use this tool?  It seems
that the help menu item for documentation did not work.  Also a list of
shortcuts would be great.  I'm sure there's a place where I can get all the
documentation I need, but I'm just not sure where.  Please advise.  I also
have many other questions about this tool, for example why it uses both
~/.q3a/q3ut4 and the Urban Terror install directory to create/store files.
I will ask some of my question on the IRC channel.

Good job guys.  I really look forward to learning this tool inside and out
over the next months and years.  BTW I'm a programmer by profession, but my
main experience is with the Java programming language.  I have minimal
exposure to C and C++.  Otherwise I'd be willing to help out with this
project.  I also have some experience with UNIX systems, shell scripting,
and PHP.

- Rambetter
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