[Gtkradiant] Gtkradiant broken after system and drivers upgrade

Jose Rodriguez josec.rodriguez at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 04:43:35 CDT 2007


I previously sent this from another mail account by mistake so it
got stuck somewhere. My mistake.

My Gtkradiant broke after I upgraded from the stable to the
testing branch of Debian. At the same time, I switched from the ATI
proprietary driver to the open source one, so I'm unsure about
which one of these two changes is the culprit for Gtkradiant not

I can fire the program up, and even load maps with
textures in them as long as I don't have the three ortographic
vews visible. Otherwise it just crashes. With only one of those
views it stands a bit more before closing itself. I played with the
options but they didn't make any differece. In the program console
I can read the following:

Lighting mode requires OpenGL features not supported by your
graphics drivers: GL_ARB_shader_objects

And after it crashes this is what appears in the terminal:

radiant.x86: vbo/vbo_split_inplace.c:97: flush_vertex: Assertion
`max_index >= min_index' failed. Aborted

Could somebody provide some information about how to find out
what's going on? I'd really like to stay with the open source
drivers. If there was an issue with them, would it be possible
somehow to do the missing OpenGL bits via software rendering? As a
side note, only two days ago somebody I know experienced something
similar after upgrading to the latest Ubuntu release, but I'm not
sure about his hardware/drivers whatsoever.


PS. I use Gtkradiant to map for Open Arena, if that is of any

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