[Gtkradiant] PatchCreation bugfix: remaining brush will be removed

Joseph, William WJoseph at europe.ea.com
Thu Mar 22 09:40:55 CDT 2007

Hi Eduard,

I am the one who implemented this feature originally. The behaviour you describe is as I originally intended.

I am telling you this because you appear to be mistakenly assuming that this behaviour is a bug. Assumptions like this are dangerous - when you make what seems like a simple bug-fix that changes this behaviour, you risk introducing other bugs and inconsistent behaviour. In addition, any change to an existing behaviour will have an impact on other users, who may prefer the existing behaviour.

Please be EXTREMELY careful when making any change to the behaviour of the editor, and consider ALL the impacts of your change! This is something I have learned through years of experience - ignore it at your peril.


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you might have notices that when you create a patch from scratch, the previously selected brush will remain, unselected

With the fix the unneeded brush will be gone.

Here is a little fix.

1. get the selection bounds
2. clear the selection
3. create the patch with the previously gained AABB

code in patchmanip.cpp line 915

new code:
 915                 //get the bounds of the current selection
 916                 AABB patch_creator_aabb = PatchCreator_getBounds();
 918                 //delete the current selection
 919                 Select_Delete();
 921                 //create the new patch
 922                 Scene_PatchConstructPrefab(GlobalSceneGraph(), patch_creator_aabb,
 923                         TextureBrowser_GetSelectedShader(GlobalTextureBrowser()), ePlane, GlobalXYWnd_getCurrentViewType(), w, h);

please adjust this in the SVN repository


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