[Gtkradiant] Update: TranslateFree (Dominant axis movement)

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Was your cursor inside the yellow box around the center of translation axis?
If so, then the translation is not locked to one axis. This may happen
by accident, esp. when looking downward as the y-axis becomes very short
due to perspective projection.

Maybe I misunderstood your steps to reproduce that bug, but I can't reproduce
multiaxis-translation when selecting just one axis.


Am Mittwoch, 21. März 2007 08:53 schrieb Eduard Aumüller:
> Hi,
> at the current revision the TranslateFree behaves like this:
> 1. create a patch somewhere on the x-axis
> 2. in the camera view look parallel to the x-axis
> 3. rotate the camera at the downwards
> 4. if you select a vertex of the patch now and move it upwards( mouse delta
> on the y-axis) a lot you will experience that the vertex is translated into
> x-axis direction as well, against your expectations
> The reason why is because the ray through your mouse cursor is projected
> onto the far plane and the deltas between  mouse drag(x,y) and mouse
> drop(x,y) are computed and since you are looking downwards a little a
> little delta into x-axis direction is computed as well.
> In my update I have calculated 2 reference directions, moving the cursor in
> window coordinates into (900,0) & (0,900) direction
> I then calculate the drag&drop delta vectors  and use these to determine
> the main axis of movement
> so 2 axis are used and the 3rd axis component of the translation vector is
> cancled out.
> The result is a translate along the 2 main axis
> For more information see the selection.cpp.diff
> Please at this to the svn
> cu

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