[Gtkradiant] PatchCreation bugfix: remaining brush will be removed

"Eduard Aumüller" basiror at gmx.de
Sun Mar 18 18:39:24 CDT 2007

you might have notices that when you create a patch from scratch, the previously selected brush will remain, unselected

With the fix the unneeded brush will be gone.

Here is a little fix.

1. get the selection bounds
2. clear the selection
3. create the patch with the previously gained AABB

code in patchmanip.cpp line 915

new code:
 915                 //get the bounds of the current selection
 916                 AABB patch_creator_aabb = PatchCreator_getBounds();
 918                 //delete the current selection
 919                 Select_Delete();
 921                 //create the new patch
 922                 Scene_PatchConstructPrefab(GlobalSceneGraph(), patch_creator_aabb,
 923                         TextureBrowser_GetSelectedShader(GlobalTextureBrowser()), ePlane, GlobalXYWnd_getCurrentViewType(), w, h);

please adjust this in the SVN repository


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