[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant for Debian GNU/Linux

namespace spam at codecreator.net
Thu Jun 28 13:56:02 CDT 2007

> I've packaged gtkradiant for Debian, now almost a year ago, but it's not
> made it in yet. 
Very cool!

> if you like you can download the .diff.gz file, gunzip it, and patch the 
> pristine source with it. It should only create a debian/ subdirectory with 
> various and sundry debian voodoo 
Hm, I would like to keep distribution specific files out of the 
source-repository and close to the maintainers.
Otherwise the maintainers would have to send a patch to the mailinglist
everytime they want to change something in the package descriptions.

> Thanks for your work Frits! It's good to see a native Linux package of
> GtkRadiant. Maybe namespace could add this information to the wiki.


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