[Gtkradiant] r128 and MacOSX

SmallPileofGibs spog at spog.planetquake.gamespy.com
Thu Jan 4 10:58:43 CST 2007


This crash may be caused by an unaligned memory access.
Some PowerPC processors will throw an exception when you attempt to
read a 4-byte floating-point value from a memory location that is not


Tuesday, December 26, 2006, 7:44:28 PM, you wrote:

> Le 26 déc. 06 à 19:31, namespace a écrit :

>> Thanks for the information, i'll add the modifications you made  
>> into trunk.
>> The crash looks very strange to me, since radiant's md3-code works
>> flawlessly
>> on linux and windows.
>> What kind of apple do you have? PowerPC or Intel?

> I have access to both architectures and got the same results on both
> types of mac.
> So that is certainly not an endianness problem.  The crash happened
> when I opened for example the q3 museum.map file and frankly I don't
> know what triggered it... yet. Could that be wrong implicit types of
> variables (for instance long int instead of int) that would leak  
> inside the memory?

> Another question: the size of the font used for instance in the  
> texture window to name the textures is hardcoded (and the current  
> size makes it difficult to read what's written) : is there a  
> fundamental reason behind this or could an option be added in the  
> preference window that would allow the size to be chosen at runtime?

> vincent

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