[Gtkradiant] bug with the face select tool.

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Tue Dec 25 22:59:27 CST 2007

This is a DRI driver bug that has already been fixed, please upgrade to a newer version of your video card drivers (I'm not precisely sure how or where you would get them).

Or use the ATI fglrx driver which lacks this bug.

hyp3r focus wrote:
> oops. accidentally pasted some of the error message in the wrong place.
> sorry.
> On Dec 26, 2007 1:31 AM, hyp3r focus <hyp3rfocus at googlemail.com
> <mailto:hyp3rfocus at googlemail.com> > wrote:
>     i've recently built gtkradiant on ubuntu 32bit 7.10 and it compiles
>     fine, but there is a weird bug. if i make a brush and then hit "f"
>     to use the "select face" tool then gtkr crashes. this also happens
>     when i click the "select faces" icon./home/john/bin/gtk: line 2: 
>     8816 Aborted                 (core dumped) ./radiant.x86
>     i've downloaded a fresh copy of the svn code and re-compiled it but
>     the error is still there, so i'm running out of ideas. i've run gtkr
>     from the command line and here's the error message it gets when gtkr
>     crashes.....
>     radiant.x86: vbo/vbo_split_inplace.c:97: flush_vertex: Assertion
>     `max_index >= min_index' failed.
>     /home/john/bin/gtk: line 2:  8816 Aborted                 (core
>     dumped) ./radiant.x86
>     any idea what the problem might be?
>     thanks for your time.
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