[Gtkradiant] Texture browser bug and feedback

johnfitz at u.washington.edu johnfitz at u.washington.edu
Mon Apr 2 01:35:04 CDT 2007

Okay, I got the latest build.  Crashes on startup, here is radiant.log:

Started logging to C:/Documents and Settings/John/Application Data/RadiantSettings/1.5.0/radiant.log
Today is: Sun Apr 01 23:31:45 2007
This is GtkRadiant '1.5.0' compiled Mar  8 2007
Official qeradiant.com build by namespace
SingletonModuleRef::initialise: type="VFS" version="1" name="*" - not found
assertion failure: module system failed to initialise - see radiant.log for error messages

Stacktrace is disabled in release-builds
loading custom shortcuts list from "C:/Documents and Settings/John/Application Data/RadiantSettings/1.5.0/q1.game/shortcuts.ini"
commands import: data version 1.0 is compatible with code version 1.0
parsed 0 custom shortcuts
assertion failure: failed to lookup command "PatchInspector"

Stacktrace is disabled in release-builds

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