[Gtkradiant] .msi installer HOWTO

Shaderman Shaderman at gmx.net
Sun Sep 17 15:08:16 CDT 2006

The attached text file contains some information about building a 
GtkRadiant or game pack .msi installer.
Maybe someone with SVN write access can put this file into ./setup/win32.

Thanks to SPoG!

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msi installer HOWTO for Radiant 1.5


- The game packs to include in the .msi installer file have to be in the ./games folder.
- Download msitools from http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/files/radiant/developer/1.5/msitools.zip.

Building a new installer .msi file: 

- Unzip msizools.zip and run MsiVal2.Msi (it automatically installes to C:\Program files\MsiVal2).
- Copy all files from C:\Program files\MsiVal2 to the ./setup/win32 folder.
- You might have to edit the .xml files in ./setup/win32/components/
- Create a file "aboutmsg.default" in ./include containing a single line:
  Official qeradiant.com build by <insert your name here>
- Open a command-prompt in ./ and run "makeversion.py"
- Build the GtkRadiant solution in 'Release' configuration.
- If you want to create a .msi installer for GtkRadiant, go on with the next step. To create a game pack
  .msi installer you have to edit the file "build.py".
- Open a command-prompt in ./setup/win32/ and run "build.py". This will create the installer
  file GtkRadiant-1.5.0-[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD].msi

Written by Shaderman in Sept 2006

Thanks to SPoG!

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