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Thanks a lot SPoG! I'll give it a try.


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The win32 installer for 1.5 does not use Installshield.

To set up the environment to build the win32 installer:

Unzip it to ./setup/win32/.
Run "./setup/win32/msival2.msi" and follow the instructions.

To build a new GtkRadiant-1.5 installer .msi file:
Build the GtkRadiant solution in 'Release' configuration.
Open a command-prompt in ./setup/win32/
Run ""

To modify the contents of the installer package, edit the xml files in

If you have any questions, ask me.


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I agree with TTimo and think that at least more frequent nightly builds 
would be good to show the
community that Radiant 1.5 is still under development and there's some 
I only have a win32 environment at the moment but if I would know the 
basic steps to create the
win32 installer, I could try to create and release nightly builds now 
and then. Maybe someone can
at least point me to the required InstallShield version so I could try 
to figure it out myself. More
information or a small HOWTO would of course be better though :)

Generally, I still like to put some effort into this great project but 
it's for sure limited due to my
basic programming skills :)
My idea is to grab some things from the TODO list (those rather 
unimportant things) and maybe
I'll try again updating the gtk libs to a more recent version - looks 
promising but there's a pango
metric bug that needs to be found and fixed.

Ah and btw - thanks to TTimo for his support!


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