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Concerning the global direction:
Shaderman and I had a lot of discussions about the near future etc.
This is nothing official, just what we two agreed on to do next:

- commit remaining plugins (already done)
- merge enhanced texture browser (got final patch from Shaderman
  two days ago, will check it as soon as my system is back to normal)
- merge light editor (this should take about 2 weeks, since i have to
  reorganize the lighted-code to work with the new texbrowser and fix
  the bugs i will probaly find in my code)
- add the new icons

As I am rather new in radiants development i can't guarantee that my
decisions are always correct (see the beziercurve mails), however
i'll try to do my best, so have some patience ;)


Am Donnerstag, 14. September 2006 15:36 schrieb Timothee Besset:
> Here are the people that currently have write access to the SVN repository:
> SmallPileOfGibs, LordHavoc and namespace
> I'm not involved in GtkRadiant development anymore. The last version I
> contributed to was release 1.4. I still maintain the servers and do misc
> admin things.
> The addition of LordHavoc and namespace to the commiters is fairly new.
> I did that so more people than Spog can look at patches and apply fixes.
> I don't mind adding new people too once they have contributed a few
> patches and fixes and the other devs agree on the changes. Anyone can
> get involved really, post patches here and/or to bugzilla.
> Spog has made quite a number of changes in the 1.5 release, but I think
> last "nightly build" installer is a bit dated. The project seems to
> otherwise suffer from a lack of directions. Maybe it would be time to
> package up 1.5 into a stable release ( Shaderman was looking at
> producing installers I believe ).
> Most of the interest nowadays on GtkRadiant is around Quake4 editing and
> projects based on the GPL'ed source of the Quake series games. It's a
> pretty interesting endeavor to support the Quake-tech based indie games
> out there.
> bugzilla should not be assigning new bugs to me. If it does I should
> probably look at fixing that. Feel free to reassign anything that's
> assigned to me to someone else ( you! ) for fixing.
> The wiki may be spam trashed, but after a quick scan it doesn't look
> that bad. Feel free to go through and remove some of it. The top pages
> are locked so you have to dig to find the spam. I don't feel the wiki
> has that much importance that I'd warrant converting it to something
> more solid, that would for instance protect any editing with captchas.
> Still, if someone wants to undertake the task, I can look at giving access.
> TTimo
> Ondřej Světlík wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > after the last commit I have a few questions.
> >
> > 1) who is the manager of this project?
> > 2) is there a list of active developers or testers?
> >
> > I'm going to install a 32 bit OS to be able to test my changes on both
> > 32 and 64 bit linux platforms. I would really like to help with the
> > development, but for now I'm a bit upset.
> >
> > The wiki is full of "buy viagra" and bugzilla is full of "assigned to
> > ttimo" ;-).
> >
> > How about to give it some form and direction? May be I'm all wrong and
> > everything works just fine, if so, feel free to blame me.
> >
> > To be understood well, I don't want to throw dirt at the project at
> > all, there are many great things done, I just want to help. I'm pretty
> > sure ttimo and others are too busy to do all the work, so let's
> > distribute it a little ;-).
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Ondrej Svetlik
> > aka
> > -oxs
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> >
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