[Gtkradiant] project management

Ondřej Světlík ondrej at svetlik.info
Thu Sep 14 07:20:49 CDT 2006

Hello all,

after the last commit I have a few questions.

1) who is the manager of this project?
2) is there a list of active developers or testers?

I'm going to install a 32 bit OS to be able to test my changes on both 
32 and 64 bit linux platforms. I would really like to help with the 
development, but for now I'm a bit upset.

The wiki is full of "buy viagra" and bugzilla is full of "assigned to 
ttimo" ;-).

How about to give it some form and direction? May be I'm all wrong and 
everything works just fine, if so, feel free to blame me.

To be understood well, I don't want to throw dirt at the project at all, 
there are many great things done, I just want to help. I'm pretty sure 
ttimo and others are too busy to do all the work, so let's distribute it 
a little ;-).

Best regards

Ondrej Svetlik
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