[Gtkradiant] [Bug 1109] Wrong calculation ofBEZIERCURVETREE_MAX_INDEX

Joseph, William WJoseph at europe.ea.com
Tue Sep 12 08:22:41 CDT 2006

The calculation uses size_t because BEZIERCURVETREE_MAX_INDEX is
supposed to be the largest integer representable with a native type on
whatever architecture you're compiling for - if it was supposed to be
the same on all architectures then it would just be:

const std::size_t BEZIERCURVETREE_MAX_INDEX = 2147483648;

Though it never really needs to be that big anyway =).


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spam at codecreator.net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From spam at codecreator.net  2006-09-12 08:13
Yes 2147483648 is correct.

The bitshift code is not from me, please don't ask me why it uses size_t
Added the fix to trunk.

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