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My apologies - I was rudely vague in the details, making it impossible for you
to comment sensibly.

> Which game is this?
Doom 3 1.3 on Linux.

> What do you mean by "missing entries"?
This was my ignorance.  I had supposed that the paths specified in the
configuration files corresponded to real filesystem entities; I now realise that
this isn't the case.

> The name 'lights/alarm_strobe' refers to a material, not a texture. Materials
> are defined in materials/*.mtr. What do you mean by "the referenced file
> (lights/alarm_strobe) doesn't exist"?

Yes, I realise this now.  I was looking for an entry in the unpacked files which
was 'lights/alarm_strobe' - of course, it doesn't work this way. (see below)

> Which build of GtkRadiant 1.5 are you using on Linux, and which on WinXP? Are
> they built from the same source versions?

FYI:  I use svn to update from the source tree on Linux.  I don't really use XP,
though I have a system to check out problems for clients.
> The error message you're seeing is one from Doom3 and simply means that the
> "monster_zombie_fat_eating_2" is broken. There are many broken materials and
> textures that ship with the retail version of Doom3. Check the entities and
> materials in D3Radiant - if they don't show correctly there, then they're
> broken. If they show correctly in D3Radiant but not in GtkRadiant then there is
> a bug in GtkRadiant.

Yes.  I'm beginning to get a picture of how many items are inconsistent in the
retail PAK files.  Is there any way of cleaning the system up so that there is
less confusion?

I'm designing a website which will attempt to address these and other issues.  I
would be grateful if you would take some time to explain some of the issues
mentioned here.  You might be interested in the thread I started:

In any event - I acknowledge that my query was born out of ignorance and I shall
change the resolution to INVALID on my next visit.  May I ask advice on your
email address rather than clogging up bugzilla?

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