[Gtkradiant] [Bug 1077] error when decoding some UTF8 characters

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Thu Mar 2 13:32:58 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From wjoseph at europe.ea.com  2006-03-02 13:32 -------
GtkRadiant expects the .map to be encoded in the character set that matches your
system locale. It will save maps using the current character set, not UTF-8.
This is because .map is not a UTF-8 format - as far as there is a standard for
.map format, it's 'system locale extended-ascii charset'. This means .map files
are not portable across systems that use different charsets.
Which version of Radiant did you use to create this .map file? Older beta
versions of GtkRadiant 1.5 had a bug where they would write entity keys as UTF-8

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