[Gtkradiant] Where to start plugin development?

Joseph, William WJoseph at europe.ea.com
Wed Mar 1 06:00:40 CST 2006

You're welcome =)

Unfortunately q3map2 does not share any code with the GtkRadiant core
other than the picomodel library. Geometry in radiant is exported to
.map format containing entities, brushes, patches and references to
external model files, which are loaded by the picomodel library.
If you made a scene-graph node that contains geometry, and have it
export to a file using one of the model formats supported by picomodel
(or a completely new format, provided you implement a loader in
picomodel), you could get that geometry to be compiled by q3map2.


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thank you very much William! :-)

One last question (for now :-D ): When I add geometry to that scenegraph

and I compile the map with q3map2, that geometry is automatically added 
to the level? I mean, not only rendered?

Thanks, Enrico

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