[Gtkradiant] q3map2 patch for Tremulous

LinuxManMikeC linuxmanmikec at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 21:50:07 CST 2006


Adds support to q3map2 for the standalone version of Tremulous.  On
*nix systems q3map2 will now know where your Tremulous user directory
is.  This is needed for compile-time shader commands to work for
shaders that are stored in that directory.  This was the likely cause
of several "walk on water" bugs reported in the Tremulous mapping
forum.  The Tremulous-specific "nobuild" shader commands are now hard
coded into q3map2.  No more need for the "-custinfoparams" switch when

Just set "-game tremulous" when compiling, lather, rinse, repeat...



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