[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report

Enrico Zschemisch enrico.zschemisch at gmx.de
Tue Aug 29 03:59:29 CDT 2006


I just made a "clean" install from SVN on my laptop (took some time to compile :-( ) and everything works as expected. I can start creating maps, even without having any game installed...

> Error:
> install.py is messed up totally. Files and links are basically missing
> everywhere.
What is missing exactly?

> Please also make sure to display proper error dialogs that tell the user
> about missing shaderlist.txt files/setups and where he should put it.
Sounds like you haven't installed any Gamepacks? 
I can start creating Quake3 maps without having it installed. GtkRadiant does *not* complain about missing files...

> In
> general, it would be great idea to give better installation instructions. The
> easiest way would probably be to install and check it on a "clean" machine
> and then include the installation file locations ("ls -lR ...") into the
> INSTALL file or so.
Have you read "COMPILING"?? It is everything inside:
- svn checkout for Radiant AND Gamepacks
- scons SETUP=0
- python install.py
- works

Greetings, Enrico

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