[Gtkradiant] [Bug 1065] vertex editing moves more than justselected vertices

Joseph, William WJoseph at europe.ea.com
Thu Oct 27 04:45:31 CDT 2005

If you rotate a brush by an amount that is not a multiple of 90 degrees,
the brush will no longer be aligned to the grid. In order to preserve
precision of brush planes, the vertex-editing tool causes the selected
vertices to be snapped to the grid before they are moved. This can cause
the strange behaviour you describe when you are vertex-editing a brush
that is not aligned to the grid. To avoid this behaviour, snap the
brushes to the grid after rotating them. To do this, change to an
appropriate grid setting and hit ctrl+g with the rotated brushes

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------- Additional Comments From jolynsbass at hotmail.com  2005-10-26
15:34 -------
Here's an example:
Open radiant create a 64x64x16 platform. create another of the same
128 units away(on a horziontal line), now create a "bridge" connecting
two - 128x32x16. 

Raise 1 platform by 64 units vertically. Now select the "bridge", and
edit vertices. Select all of the vertices at one end of the "bridge"
which was 
by platform, and raise them to line up with the raised platform. It

(At this point you can rotate the entire ensemble by 45degrees and
things will 
still be perfectly aligned vertically.)

Now, perform the entire operation again, but this time, before you raise
platform, rotate the whole thing by 45degrees. Then, raise the platform
- no 
problems. Now, try to match up the vertices of one end of the "bridge"
the upper platform. You'll get close, but if you zoom in closely, you'll
that you are no longer aligned on the grid. No amount of adjusting will
you to get there either, since, for every move of the selected end of
bridge, the other end moves, too. 

It seems like a bug to me. I can't see any reason why those vertices on
other end of the bridge should move, but they do, and the whole thing
ends up 
mis-aligned off the grid.

Did that help?

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