[Gtkradiant] [Bug 1065] vertex editing moves more than just selected vertices

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------- Additional Comments From wjoseph at europe.ea.com  2005-10-26 04:50 -------
Please provide a more specific step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the 
brush-manipulation you are describing. It is not clear exactly which issue you 
are referring to.

There are two cases in which, by design, gtkradiant 1.5 will cause unselected 
brush vertices to 'move'.

1. Dragging a single selected vertex on a 4-sided face - opposite vertices 
appear to move to compensate.

2. Dragging any vertex/edge of a brush that is not aligned to the grid.

Brushes are internally represented as a set of planes (aka faces) - not as a 
set of vertices. The brush vertices are generated from the intersection-points 
of the planes - they must be re-generated each time the planes change. Vertex 
dragging in gtkradiant 1.5 is simulated by treating each plane as a single 
triangle. This triangle is defined by picking three brush vertices which lie on 
the plane. 
When you drag a vertex, you are really dragging one corner each of three 
triangles representing the three planes that meet at that vertex. When you drag 
an edge, you are really dragging one edge of each of two triangles representing 
the two planes that meet at that edge. As the triangle's shape changes, so does 
the plane.
If there are more than three brush vertices on the plane, and one vertex of (of 
the three defining the triangle) is moved perpendicular to the plane, more than 
one brush vertex will appear to move.

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