[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report

Joseph, William WJoseph at europe.ea.com
Tue Jul 5 07:13:38 CDT 2005


Can you tell me the name of the GtkRadiant 1.5.0 installer file you

Thanks for the bug report,


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This bug report was submitted from using the Bug Report
Submission Form on the QERadiant Website at 05:14:06 CDT Jul 5, 2005.



CPU/RAM/Operating System: 512 mg
Hard Drive Space: 21 g / brand new drive 80 g
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: nvdia opengl direct 3d /sry im french and
comp newb not sure what it is
Version of GTKRadiant: latest build 1.5.0

saving global preferences to .\main.cpp:147
runtime error: GTK+ error: Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktextbuffer.c: line
1160 (gtk_text_buffer_insert_with_tags): assertion `text != NULL' failed

Cause of Error:
I first changed the preject settings without error and then changed the
preferences wich gave me this bug, right after the installation.
I changed the window layout in third position, put the undo queue size
on 100 and increased the auto-save frequency to 10 min.
When i close and restart radiant it always restart on default settings
so i cant use it :/
thank u all for the nice improvement on 1.4.0 im building a nice map
keep it up!

User Email: maze0_0_0 at hotmail.com

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