[Gtkradiant] [Bug 1048] Box surrounding cursor doesn't update correctly after zooming

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Sun Jan 30 01:21:05 CST 2005


------- Additional Comments From david_costanzo at yahoo.com  2005-01-30 01:21 -------
I have reproduced this bug using the "gears.c" sample application that is on the
GtkGLExt homepage (http://gtkglext.sourceforge.net/).  And now that I think
about it, I had the same problem when running other programs under wine (QuArK
and Hammer), but I just assumed this was just another wine incompatibility.

Anyway, it seems like this is not an application level bug.  Even so, I would
like to know why "move" operations don't have this problem and maybe apply that
knowledge to fixing the problem for "zoom" operations.

I'm going to dig into this a little more and maybe follow-up with the GtkGLExt
guys.  I'll report back if I learn anything useful.

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