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Tue Jan 11 11:33:58 CST 2005

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: AMD XP2000+, 768 DDR 3200, SuSE Linux 9.2 Pro
Hard Drive Space: 160GB+
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: Nvidia e-geForce 5700LE,  NVIDIA 1.0-6629 Linux-x86
Version of GTKRadiant: 1.5.0-12-05 Linux-x86

Warning: BuildOptTriangles: couldn't locate opposite

When I run dmap in doom3, and the map has objects that have been clipped, or any sort of NURB patches in it. This is driving me nuts. It spend five hours on this warning, and idsoftware is totally confused by it. They say it should only occur in rarity, but it happens to me all the time, and makes it impossible to work with maps. 

Cause of Error:
This is a test I did, to send to ID Software. They returned saying, it was something to do with gtkradiant, and told me to send it to you.

////////////Test Data//////////////
Map Test #1:
        Map description:
        Map is a 3x3x3 room on scale of 7;
        With wall thickness 1 on a scale of 4;
        Textures are base walls, and floors;
        No lights;
        Compiling took less then a second;
        Map is perfectly fine;

Map Test #2:
        Same room as before;
        Adding one light RGB(1, 1, 1);
        light size 250;
        light is in center of room, 1 on scale of 4 from top;
        Compiling took less then a second;
        Map is perfectly fine;

Map Test #3:
        Same room as before;
        Adding one patch cylinder;
        Giving wall texture;
        No caps;
        Cylinder will be on the left side of the room from info_player_start, and 
touch the top, and bottom, but not go threw them;
        Compiling, long enough to let me write this, still going, getting tons of 
Warning: BuildOptTriangles: couldn't locate Opposite;
        Compiling, finished, about 34 second;
        Map is perfectly fine;

Map Test #4:
        Same room as in Map Test #2;
        Going to place a 8 sided prism floating in the center of the room, and then 
going to cut out another 8 sided prism in it;
        In scale of 4 it is 8x8x1, interior cutting ring is 7x7x1;
        Compiling, long, but not as long as Test #3;
        Compiling, got lots of Warning: BuildOptTriangles: couldn't locate opposite, 
and also some, Warning: LinkTriToEdge: already in use;
        When Playing the map, the texture on the ring looks strange, there is a 
lighted parallelagram area on the center of each 45 degree face;

Map Test #5:
        New Room;
        Room size is 14x14x7, on scale of 7, wall thickness 1 on scale of 4;
        It will have a light in the high center, the size of it will be 2000;
        Textures will be skies/common_outside, and rock/dirt03;
        Compiling, it was a snap;
        Map is perfectly fine;

Map Test #6:
        Same room as before in Test #5;
        Going to add a 5x5 patch to the floor, not going to modify it, justgoing to 
be flat;
        Compiling, less then a second;
        Map looks fine, can't even tell there is a patch on the ground;

Map Test #7:
        Same room as before in Test #6;
        Going to raise parts of simple patch mesh around the info_player_start, 
putting him in a crater;
        Compiling, once again long enough for me to write this, lots of Warning: 
BuildOptTriangles: couldn't locate opposite;
        Compiling took about 30 seconds, wasn't really timing that time.
        OK, I can walk threw the mesh? And also, little lightened parallelagram 
strips on the mesh.
        Taking screenshot;
Conclusion, it has something to do with patches, and clipping stuff out. 
Things I tend to use allot. I think that the problem relates to GTKRadiant, and not Doom3, as doom3 staff has all told me that this warning shouldn't be occuring at all, or in rarity, but it does it about 10,000 times, and takes hours on end to do them all, and in the end, the textures on the brushes that have been clipped, or are patches have lightend parts to them. Please try to fix this, or send a way of fixing it. Thank you for your time.

User Email: ciaran at fallenacorn.com

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