[Gtkradiant] compile errors with gcc 3.3.4 on powerpc linux

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at spacepants.org
Wed Oct 6 19:31:41 CDT 2004


I'm building GtkRadiant from the very latest subversion checkout, with gcc
3.3.4 on Debian (well, technically Ubuntu but close enough to be the same
packages) on my PowerBook, so powerpc architecture.

I'm currently stuck on this error:

llow% scons
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
SCons 0.95
Loading build configuration from site.conf
version: 1.5.0
minor: 0 major: 5
about message is in include/aboutmsg.default
about: Custom SPoG experimental build\ngcc version: 3.3.4
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
g++ -pipe -DQ_NO_STLPORT -g -D_DEBUG `pkg-config glib-2.0 --cflags` `xml2-config --cflags` `libpng-config --cflags` -fPIC -Ibuild/debug/libs -Ilibs -Ibuild/debug/include -Iinclude -c -o build/debug/plugins/mapxml/xmlparse.os plugins/mapxml/xmlparse.cpp
In file included from plugins/mapxml/xmlparse.cpp:16:
libs/xmlparser.h: In constructor `FormattedVA::FormattedVA(const char*,
libs/xmlparser.h:48: error: incompatible types in assignment of `__va_list_tag*
   ' to `__va_list_tag[1]'
libs/xmlparser.h: In function `size_t ostream_write(TextOutputStreamType&,
   const FormattedVA&) [with TextOutputStreamType = TextOutputStream]':
include/itextstream.h:22:   instantiated from `TextOutputStream& operator<<(TextOutputStream&, const T&) [with T = FormattedVA]'
libs/xmlparser.h:149:   instantiated from here
libs/xmlparser.h:76: error: invalid conversion from `const __va_list_tag*' to `
scons: *** [build/debug/plugins/mapxml/xmlparse.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Trying to explicitly cast the 4th arg to vsnprintf on line 76 of
libs/xmlparser.h ends up with a more different cast error.

Any ideas?

jaq at spacepants.org                           http://spacepants.org/jaq.gpg

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