[Gtkradiant] Halflife 2 Support

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Sat Nov 20 09:30:03 CST 2004

Ok, so I've got Halflife 2 (not actually played HL2 yet mind you - just
CS:Source, but I've got it) and CS:Source is way c00l.

Now I know GtkRadiant is primarily ID software technology focused but the
go-ahead to include HL1 support was given and was done by me (well, not
quite done, the todo list was left rather large, but still, it worked) and I
was wondering what the powers that be would say to the prospect of HL2
engine support for the editor?

I know lots of people are clamouring for the support, a quick check of
#qeradiant reveals at least 4 people who want it, and I think that striking
while the iron is hot would also be good for GtkRadiant itself - lots of
people getting HL2, announcing upcoming support at this time would be great.

Now there's still lots of unknowns at this time, but HL1 used the Hammer
editor and so does HL2 and from a quick glance it remains largely the same -
no wonder HL2 took so long to make if they had to use Hammer ;) hehe.
Anyway, jesting aside I still have to check lots of HL2 engine related stuff

A quick list of the basic things that need to be done are:

Valve Map Files (.vmf) map support ORDXF Import Valve Material File (.vmt)
support (textures) Support for Model Files Support for Cache Files (.gcf) -
these containl all the textures, models, etc.  They're like wad/pk3 files,
they don't appear to be encrypted and contain plaintext.

Stuff that's already done:

Entity Definition (.fgd) support
GtkRadiant core support for multiple games

When that's done I guess we'll be able to load a map up and have a look
round, after that we'll suck and see.

If anyone could provide me with any information related to the various file
formats I would be very grateful.

Also, if anyone wants to help out with this little project please let me
know (as I've not got as much time these days).

I really would love to see GtkRadiant support HL2 and I'm very keen to get
this up and running so I can start making some maps for CS:Source - so, so,
so many ideas running around in my head right now!


Dominic Clifton / Hydra

P.s. Also of note, but not directly related to this, is that I recently
built a Dual Xeon 2.8ghz 800FSB server and got hosting for it in a
Datacenter in the heart of London's communications hub in docklands and thus
have my own server on the net that can run any games I like, so I'm well up
for hosting a custom maps server for CS:Source and Doom 3.  It's already
running CS:CZ and CS:Source, check out www.WeAreDirty.com for details.

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