[Gtkradiant] License questions/concern

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:45:34 -0600

Instead of mentioning only Quake III Arena, the EULA should mention all 
the games we have support for in Radiant. And that's not restricted to 
Quake III Arena technology games. Don't expect us to be updating the 
License any time soon though, we're way too busy for that.

The main point of Radiant's License is that it is free for non 
commercial use only. That is mods, custom engines etc. .. as long as 
your map is not going to be sold as part of a commercial release, no 

I don't see a problem with releasing your map source, as long as you put 
a clear statement with them saying that's not for commercial use.


BTW, if you come up with game pack elements for industri support, I'm 
sure we'd love to have a link to it on qeradiant.com

Tig wrote:

>I'm currently using GtkRadiant 1.3.13 (I know I need to update) to
>construct levels for a Tenebrae 2 http://tenebrae2.com/ project called
>industri - http://industri.sourceforge.net/ 
>A license issue was brought to my attention by someone else. Basically,
>they are saying that the .map files that I make, can not be released
>'publicly' because someone could download them and use them in a
>commercial product AND the GtkRadiant license does not allow this. It
>was an intention of mine to release the .map files with the project.
>So I read over the license and the problem appears to be worst than
>this! It appears that I can not make anything other than Q3A levels.
>The section of the license in questions is copied below. My questions is
>- what do I do? Drop the project? See a lawyer (which means drop the
>project as I can't afford a lawyer). Use Quark? (please don't say this!)
>Side note, does the map file format fall under a license and is Quark
>breaking this license?
>3.	Permitted Uses.  So long as this Agreement accompanies each copy you
>make of the Software, and so long as you fully comply, at all times,
>with this Agreement, ID grants to you the non-exclusive and limited
>right to distribute copies of the Software free of charge for
>non-commercial purposes by electronic means only and the non-exclusive
>and limited right to use the Software to create your own modifications
>for operation only with the full version of the software game QUAKE III
>ARENA; provided, however, you shall not make any modifications unless
>and until you have agreed to be bound by the terms of the LIMITED USE
>SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT which accompanies the full version of QUAKE
>III ARENA.  Other than the electronic copies permitted above, you may
>make only the following copies of the Software: (i) you may copy the
>Software onto your computer hard drive; (ii) you may copy the Software
>from your computer hard drive into your computer RAM; and (iii) you may
>make one (1) "back-up" or archival copy of the Software on one (1) hard
>disk. You shall not use, copy or distribute the Software in any
>infringing manner or in any manner which violates any law or  third
>party right and you shall not distribute the Software together with any
>material which infringes against any third party right or which is
>libelous, defamatory, obscene, false, misleading, or otherwise illegal
>or unlawful. ID reserves all rights not granted in this Agreement,
>including, without limitation, all rights to ID's trademarks. You shall
>not commercially distribute the Software.
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