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Sun Dec 19 18:12:50 CST 2004

This bug report was submitted from using the Bug Report Submission Form on the QERadiant Website at 06:12:50 CST Dec 19, 2004.



CPU/RAM/Operating System: P4 2.66 GHz - 512 233MHz - Win XP Home SP2
Hard Drive Space: about 15 Gb
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: Geforce FX 5200 - Latest
Version of GTKRadiant: GtkRadiant 1.5.0 12-Dec

First of all: Sorry about using this bug form to make a suggestion.

Cause of Error:
My suggestion is something that would be handy in designing detailed maps and big maps.
I use the 2D very often when making maps and sometimes, the map has so many things on the same axis that gets hard to pick the right thing I want to edit. Because of this I was wondering if would be possible to use some kind of tool that selected a certain area of a map and only showed the lines of the selected area in 2D view.
An example: You have a village with several houses. Some of the houses are on the same X values. I want to edit only one and using the 3D view is difficult cause the object is inside a box. At this point I would use a box that covered the whole area of the house making the rest of the map 'disappear' from the 2D view leaving only what is inside the box I draw. After editing, some option like 'remove work selection' would return the full map.
This could work similar to the hide function already available but would hide everything that wasn't inside the box.

I hope you get the picture. :)


User Email: simpledark at sapo.pt

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