[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report noreply at qeradiant.com
Fri Dec 10 19:45:54 CST 2004

This bug report was submitted from using the Bug Report Submission Form on the QERadiant Website at 07:45:54 CST Dec 10, 2004.



CPU/RAM/Operating System: WIndows XP
Hard Drive Space: 120 Gig
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: voodoo fx
Version of GTKRadiant: 1.5

I just downloaded and was trying out the latest version of qeradiant, making  a Heretic II level. When I tried to bring up the shader list (to do
textureing) Nothing the console gave me a error message saying "could not find shaderlist.txt". Now, I have the original heretic toolkit installed, so I would have thought I had that file, but I don't seem to (It should be in the Heretic II/Scripts/ subdirectory, but that's empty.) Is there any other way I can get this file? I can't texture without it.

Cause of Error:
as above

User Email: JimFlasch at cfl.rr.com

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