[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 09:29:37 -0500 (CDT)

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: 3.0G P4, 1G DDR, Win XP
Hard Drive Space: 100GB+
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: Nvidia GeForce 5950
Version of GTKRadiant: 1.5.0 Aug 17 2004

Hi, this a collection of UI issues I've had with working with 1.5.0 for a several hours. It's pretty long so bear with me.

The selection tool is very hard to use to target specific brushes. It always wants to select brushes partially behind the ones I'm trying to select as well. Sometimes I can find a pov where nothing else gets selected, but if the brushes are near the center of the map its of no use. This is all from the 3D window.

To select a staircase without selecting everything behind it I have to select each of the 20 brushes individually. This takes about 30 seconds, whereas the old method would take more like 2. I often copy + paste large irregular selections, for which this tool in it's current state is not going to be very helpful. On the other hand for some things like selecting a feature pedestal with about 60 brushes it took all of a second, compared to the minute it would of taken the other way, so it definitely has it's good points. The two methods in combination would be absolutely amazing! See: http://www.levelart.net/assets/images/radiant-2.jpg
The selecting rectangle is missing but the idea is to use the new method to select an entire building and the old method to quickly deselect all the crap around it you don't need. 

Same thing with face selection. I'll often place the camera where I can only see staircase faces parallel with z-axis. That way I can just hold down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + LMOUSE + Drag and select all the front facing faces I want to change and quickly (ALT+DRAG) align the textures. Now I have to select each brush, hit f, select each face (twenty brushes with 4 green dots each right next to each other makes this difficult) then hit s and align the textures. Not so good. See: 

On that note, ALT+LMOUSE+Drag on a selection no longer aligns the textures. This is where the scale, rotate, align tools would really come in handy! For me a graphical rotation of textures would be a great deal more useful than rotation of brushes. E.g.

There's a bug with radiant not handling the key-up, key-down events for arrow keys when another combination is performed at about the same time (eg CTRL+D). It just keeps moving as it was, or wasn't.

Group (func_group) selection via ALT+SHIFT+LMOUSE no longer works.

In Edge, vert, face edit mode you have to hit escape 3 times after changing something. Once is really enough thanks.

Also In edge, vert mode the current point doesn't snap to grid like it used to. That's fine in and of it's self but since CTRL+G snaps the entire brush it can be very difficult to create exact shapes.

Lastly when you move a point in vertex mode it often wants to take other points along for the ride. I can understand that it would be doing this to maintain a convex shape(?), but because of this there are some roof pieces that I used to be able to create relatively easily which I simply can't recreate now. That along with the snapping problem makes it's very hard to do anything useful.
Try and recreate the following in 1.5.0 using verts: 
The only way I could do it in 1.5.0 was with a 3 point clip.

Hope that helps. Don't get me wrong, I don't just want everything reverted to 1.4 settings. That's not it at all. Being able to do things quickly, and accurately are my main concerns. Everything else about the app is looking great.

Cause of Error:
Spent 4-5 hours working with it on my current Urt map.

User Email: tbarrett@levelart.net