[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 9 Apr 2004 22:33:20 -0500 (CDT)

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: athlon 2400+, 512Mb, Xp SP1
Hard Drive Space: ~20Gb
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: Leadtek GF4 Ti4280, manufacturer drivers v31022
Version of GTKRadiant: 1.4.0

Regions not working?

Trying to migrate from q3r202. Tryed to use regions. When try to compile the BSP, get the following error:

WARNING: no module found for map interface type 'reg'

Here is the log from a test box map, regioned, BSP -meta:


Using the q3map2 version that comes with GTK 1.4.0
However inspecting the maps folder, a .reg file is created, but it is 0 bytes, so I dont think it is a q3map2 problem.

I got someone on IRC to confirm the error. Create a box map, create a region, compile. If you then try to run the bsp, you get the 'map with no shaders' error.

Considered that support for this may have been removed :'( but if so, the Region menu in radiant should be ditched?


Cause of Error:
Load a map. (tested on real and test box map)
Position top view.
Region->Set XY.
Compile, BSP -meta

User Email: blakjack@planetquake.com