[Gtkradiant] [Bug 826] OS X port

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Fri, 19 Sep 2003 08:59:59 -0500


------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2003-09-19 08:59 -------
applied the two patches
the setup.xml.in needs to have M4 flags to enable on Linux / disable on OSX

also, now we can start considering end user distribution:

[15:31] <TTimo> quick q, is it possible to provide precompiled binaries through
an apt repo for stuff that depends against fink unstable ?
[15:32] <pogma> TTimo: if you provide everything required then yes. Just ask
people to modify their sources.list (or whatever that apt-get conf file is called)
[15:33] <TTimo> mh that's what I was afraid of ..
[15:34] <TTimo> I wanted to provide my final .deb, and hope that everything else
would be recompiled like fink unstable does
[15:39] <TTimo> would that be possible somehow ?
[15:39] <pogma> no :)
[15:39] <TTimo> damn
[15:42] <TTimo> if I just provide the .deb for download and no apt repo, is
there an easy way to compile all the missing stuff?
[15:43] <TTimo> like a dpkg --install-and-compile-whatever-needed mydeb.deb
[15:43] <pogma> no :)
[15:43] <TTimo> damned
[15:44] <pogma> You are going to get tired of the "no :)" answer, just provide
the apt repo or give up
[15:44] <TTimo> how would I put together such a repo though, from the final .deb
to all the stuff it depends on
[15:46] <pogma> Start with a clean fink, enable unstable, type fink build foo,
run fink scanpackages, point people at your /sw (I think that is all)
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[15:51] <TTimo> mh
[15:52] <TTimo> that would suppose I'd have a spare Mac box just for that
[15:53] <TTimo> or I can enable/disable one or the other with a symlink
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[15:54] <TTimo> isn't it possible to manually build an apt source though,
processing recursively the .deb from the top one to get a full list
[15:57] <pogma> TTimo: probably is, ask someone who knows :)
[15:59] <TTimo> ok thanks for the hints, we'll research that some more