[Gtkradiant] OS X port

Anders Gud gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sat, 25 Oct 2003 10:02:17 +0000

This error comes from a header file listed in the SConscript sources list 
for picomodel ( picomodel_src ):
... lwo/lwo2.c lwo/lwo2.h lwo/lwob.c...
Remove the lwo2.h entry and it will build.

TODO: Fix the byteorder(?) stuff and it will load .lwo's in OS X too

>TTimo wrote:
>don't bother though, it doesn't build:

>ranlib build/release/libs/libpicomodel.a
>ranlib: archive member: build/release/libs/libpicomodel.a(lwob.o) offset in
>archive not a multiple of sizeof(unsigned long) (must be since member is an
>object file)
>scons: *** [build/release/libs/libpicomodel.a] Error 1

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