[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant 1.3.13 released

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:04:53 +0100


A new version of GtkRadiant 1.3.13 is available. Bug fixes, OSX build, and
newly added support for Heretic 2 in a 'classic' game pack. And q3map2
2.5.10 (see the ChangeLog below).

For downloads, head over to the download selector and request the
Developement version for the game you want:

Or directly from the files section:

BitTorrent downloads:


This is the first release with OSX support in a long time. Big thanks goes
to Anders Gud for putting the OSX stuff back together. The installation on
OSX isn't exactly straightforward, but at least it's documented. Head over
to the wiki to find out:
This is still fairly experimental, so please send feedback and patches.

Support for Call Of Duty?

We got many requests asking wether we were going to support Call Of Duty.
We haven't precisely evaluated what amount of work is necessary to get CoD
support in. We'd like to support it obviously, but all the Radiant
developers are busy elsewhere. Recent support for Enemy Territory and Jedi
Academy was fairly easy to get done, as the companies used GtkRadiant and
we only had to put things together when the games got out. We would
welcome new developers to help us add CoD support, just step forward and
do it :-)

GtkRadiant-1.3.13 Changes

  - cleaned up shaders scripts for JA
  - ASE submaterial/subobject code
  Anders & TTimo
  - OSX setups
  - Heretic 2 support
  - Q2 and Her2 tools now have BSP monitoring, and ability to run engine after
  - fix to jpegs having garbaged alpha channel ( + ydnar fixes )
  - update to ET .def
  - patch for 16 bit GL, win32 16 bit desktops were either crashing or rendering incorrectly
  - LWO support in picomodel
  - support for 'vertical flipped' TGAs
  - fixed multiple monitor support, use the 'start on primary monitor' option in prefs
  - fixed mouse on win32 going crazy when radiant non-fullscreen or with hidden taskbar

q3map2 2.5.10 (2003-10-22)

- New: Lightwave model support (beta) courtesy of RR2DO2
- New: Heretic 2 FM model support courtesy of Nurail
- Re-enabled vertex cache friendly triangle reordering with fix
- Disabled triangle reordering on certain surfaces, including autosprite
  shaders due to visual errors
- Fixed bug in radiosity where sorting of lights by style took forever.
  Thanks ReBoOT!
- Fixed bug in sun lighting code where maps too far off the origin would
  not be properly it by sun or sky light. Thanks MindLink!
- Entity causing a leak will be printed and selected in Radiant if BSP
  monitoring is enabled. Requested by heeen
- Fixed odd bug causing 10x slowdown in lighting in some maps. Should
  be back to 2.5.7 performance. Also fixed a couple old bugs related to
  autosprite shader (point) lights and backsplash lights not being styled
  or setup correctly