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Fri, 17 Jan 2003 19:51:17 +0100

[Sorry if this is a duplicate; I used the wrong From: address...]

On Friday 17 January 2003 18.03, Timothee Besset wrote:
> Interesting. ATI drivers are often broken on Windows. I'm not sure
> the ATI problems on win32 are the same as this one though.

Maybe not, but it wouldn't be surprizing, as I remember noticing a=20
few other bugs that were identical on Win2k and Linux. They seem to=20
be based on the same code, more or less.

> I suppose those FireGL drivers are also closed source?

Yep. :-/

> What are you planning to do? Do you want to investigate this
> further in GtkR and fix the rendering? Or you are just posting this
> as an FYI to us?

Well, the purpose of my post was really to get that ATI developer=20
contact email I lost, so I can file a bug report.

As to GtkRadiant; well, it's not really GtkRadiant's fault that the=20
ATI driver seems to think disabled faces matter (this is definitely a=20
bug), but OTOH, it seems like I'll have to keep using hacked versions=20
of GtkRadiant - and the hack has no effect on other cards anyway.

I was about to submit a patch, but I ran into two problems:

=09* I got sidetracked by other stuff, and then Real Life
=09  got in the way as well.

=09* Should I
=09=091) hack the code that uses glPolygonMode(),
=09=09   so that the mode of a disabled face is
=09=09   always the same as that of the culled fase,
=09  or
=09=092) Replace the offending OpenGL hooks with
=09=09   wrappers, so the ATI drivers Just Work?

I suppose 2) would be easier to maintain, as it doesn't get screwed=20
up as soon as someone hacks the "real" application code without=20
testing on a broken ATI driver...

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