[Gtkradiant] GtkRadiant - current plans

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:57:08 +0100

My free time to work on GtkRadiant is probably going to be very restricted
in the next few months. However the project is generating a lot of
interest, on several platforms and beyond individual users, from several

I think we have a very reliable 1.2 codebase, and at this point we should
restrict ourselves to strict maintenance concerning the 1.2 stuff. That is
no new features, only bug fixing/tweaking and content updates. I gave a
quick look at the bug tracker, and there are a few content (i.e. setup
related) updates that we'll need to get into a new 1.2 release. I'm gonna
move all the other bugs to the 1.3 milestones.

As far as 1.3 is concerned, next step is to get a beta out. And first,
merging merge-1_2_10-post back into trunk. There is a list of fairly
important todo items at the beginning of the CHANGES file:

- incorrect naming: RadiantToolbarModuleManager -> CRadiantToolbarModuleManager
- ToolbarButton -> IToolbarButton, and C* implementations
- FlushReloadSelectedToolbarButton -> CFlushReloadSelected
- see Construct and all the commented out modules
- ID_SELECTION_MERGE ID_SELECTION_SEPERATE (what's up with Select_Merge stuff?)
- check QERApp_PositionView, used anymore?
- apply bugfix for invalid template project version
- port reload-model feature of 1.2 model module to 1.3 entity module.
- reinstate shader remaps feature of 1.2 model module in 1.3 version.
- clean up camera plugin, remove gtk dependency somehow.
- reinstate any missing features of model module.
- Clean up texture menu - texwindow.cpp.
- Fix bug in xml-property-bag class.

Please review and update whatever in this. I think some of the items can
be dropped (such as proper class naming, I'm tired of monitoring that kind
of stuff).

I don't want my lack of free time to slow down possible GtkR developement.
So I'll try to change a few things to the way I'm dealing with GtkRadiant

- I don't think I should be the only guy building installers. If you have
InstallShield 6.x and cygwin installed, you can build win32 installers.
Maintenance of the IS stuff isn't black magic either. It's a bit tedious
sometimes, that's all. Same on Linux, anyone can build installers. As for
distributing those installers publicly, I'll want to keep control over the
ones we post or announce on qeradiant.com obviously. But I think we can
have a much faster installer release cycle on 1.3

- I won't be putting strict control over what is being checked in to the
1.3 tree. At least not until we start thinking about a stable release of
1.3. Me insisting on correct coding standards is not only because I like
being nazistic to others, it's an important point to ensure overall
quality of the code. So please try to review your patches between each
other and comment on them when you see ugly things. We also have a working
wiki to which we can feed some coding policies:

- Many developers have stepped up and started taking care of specific
areas. More control to them, the better:
	Riant - JKII/SOF2 support
	ETG - OSX port
	ydnar - any q3map2 / tools related stuff
	Hydra - HL

So if you have specific issues regarding one of the above, use this list
and ask those guys.. our other regular developers (Arnout and Spog mostly)
don't have a specific area afaik.

- bug report form:

I don't have time to handle all the bug report items which come in from
the bug report form. I usually just stack them in my TODO and go through
them every now and then. The delay got fairly huge, and it's not really
efficient either.


I'm gonna redirect the emails directly to this list. If someone has the
skills/knowledge to do #737, step forward.

- web stuff:

Plenty of people on the qeradiant@ mailing list, but not a lot of
activity. An auxiliary webmaster would be nice. Just query bugzilla with
'web' component to find out some stuff.

Ok I think that's about it.