[Gtkradiant] [Bug 930] feature request: texture window scale shortcut

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Tue, 02 Dec 2003 00:12:10 -0600


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implement texture window scale shortcut

This patch adds two keyboard shortcuts:
TextureWindowScaleup (Alt + Delete)
TextureWindowScaledown (Alt + Insert)

These change the texture window scale, in the same increments available from
the texture menu. This is in the 'hidden' menu, since we already have the 200%
100% etc. commands in the texture menu. These keys were chose because:
- it fits with normal zoomin/zoomin and z zoomin/zoomout
- having just zoom commands uses less keys than having one for each level

Texture_ResetPosition in texwindow.cpp is changed so that instead of
deselecting the current work, it re-positions the texture window so the active
texture is in view, using the the code that Texture_SetTexture used.
Texture_SetTexture now also uses this function.
see also:

In addition, various oddities with the scrolling are fixed.

I also removed the saving of prefs every time tex window scale changes. This
didn't seem to hurt anything, and the scale seems to be saved correctly on

When changing scale, it is possible for the scrollbar range (if texture
scrollbar is shown) to get out of synch with what it should be. Scrolling still
works, and the scrollbar corrects itself once you do, so this a minor cosmetic
issue. This same sort of behaviour can also be induced by right dragging
without this patch.

It is worth noting that if the texture window is floating and in the
foreground, no radiant shortcuts work.